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Waste Management

General / Hazardous

 – Reoccurring or once off service

Waste Disposal

Safe Disposal

Demolition / Site Clearance

Industrial Cleaning / Vacuum

 – High Pressure Cleaning

 – High Power Vacuum Trucks


 – Tankers 30 KL

 – Vacuum trucks 10 KL and 15 KL,

 – Tippers 40 M3

 – Flatbed Tri Axle and Link

Tyre and rubber disposal

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Waste management plans have a key role to play in achieving sustainable waste management. The main purpose is to give an outline of waste streams and treatment. More specifically they aim to provide a planning framework for the following:


  • Compliance with waste policy and target achievement
  • Outline of waste characteristics and sufficient capacity for managing waste
  • Control of technological measures
  • Outline of investment requirements
  • Collection, Transport, Processing / disposal and monitoring of waste streams


Ranger Waste Management undertakes to implement a comprehensive Waste Management Plan incorporating all the afore-mentioned information.


The service provided also includes trained personnel onsite to manage and sort all waste according to specified waste classifications.


Waste Disposal includes the following:

  • General Waste
    Stored and collected in skip bins (6,11,18 cubic meter) and disposed of at registered Disposal Sites closest to the point where the waste is generated.
  • Compactable Waste
    This process of compacting of waste makes it possible to collect more waste as the quantity of waste is compressed which reduces the cost of transport.
  • Building Rubble
    Ranger Waste Management offers a variety of bins and vehicles which include Bob Cats, Tippers and other yellow plant for the collection and disposal of any rubble and or waste at a construction site.
  • Industial Waste
    Waste Management Services as well as Once-Off services incorporate the identification of valuable resources within the Industrial Waste Stream which can be Recovered and Re-Used, and disposal is only considered if no other option is available.
  • Liquid Waste
    Specialist Super Sucker vehicles are used to the collection and safe transportation of liquid waste for disposal.

The Objective to treat Hazardous Waste Streams are to reduce toxicity of harmful components so as to minimise the impact on the environment.


The technologies used for treatment of Hazardous Waste are:

  •  Physical: remove or separate hazardous and toxic materials i.e evaporation or filtration.
  •  Chemical: assist in the application of physical treatment and to lower toxicity of hazardous waste.
  •  Biological: organic matter is removed by means of biological oxidation.
  •  Anaerobic: Involves the breakdown of organic waste to mainly gasses and water in the absence of oxygen.
  •  Immobilisation: converts the hazardous waste into an inert, physically stable mass with sufficient strength to allow for land filling or land reclamation.
  •  Solidification: converts the waste through cementation into an insoluble rock like material by being mixed with suitable materials.
  •  Ash Blend: blending of flammable waste with sufficient fly ash, bottom ash so that the flash point is >61 C
  •  Neutralisation: adding of acid or alkali to bring the pH in the region of 7.

High Pressure Cleaning

  • Utilising a high pressure water stream to effectively remove materials deposits from various surfaces that would otherwise be difficult and timeous to clean.


Confined Space and Tank Cleaning

  • High risk service requiring the use of trained personnel and specialised equipment.
  • Strict procedures must be followed and operational plans must be submitted to the Dept. Of Labour prior to commencing for clearance to go ahead.


Industrial & Commercial Cleaning Services

  • Ranger Waste Management provides clients with a comprehensive cleaning and maintenance service ensuring that no cross-contamination occurs between Hazardous and Non-Hazardous materials and waste.



  • 24 hour Hazmat Response
  • Incident Management
  • Incident Documentation
  • Hazardous material clean-up and safe disposal
  • Specialised containment incl. Asbestos (Registered)
  • Specialised operations incl. confined space
  • Risk assessment and environmental assessments
  • Site Rehabilitation / Soil Rehabilitation
  • Specialist equipment and products for onsite and transport/vehicle solutions.

Ranger Waste Recycling Service Includes the following:

  • Onsite Labourers to sort and manage recyclable materials.
  • Coloured Wheelie Bins for the seperation of recyclable materials.
  • Signage to identify correct placement of recyclable materials.
  • Collection and transport of recyclable materials to specialist recycling service providers.
  • Monthly Recon of all recyclable materials collected.
  • Offset of recycling materials against RWM invoice of services provided.

Safe Disposal Includes the following:

  • Incineration
    The controlled combustion of waste materials to reduce these to non combustible residue or ash and exhaust gasses i.e carbon dioxide and water.
  • Crush and Bury / Goods Destruction
    Safe Disposal Containers are collected and then crushed and buried or incinerated depending on requirements. Security is of high priority and Safe Disposal Certification is issued since the process is complete.
  • Redundant Pharmaceuticals, sensitive documentation, counterfeit goods etc.
  • This process ensures that our client’s market integrity is kept in tact.
  • Encapsulation
    The containment of waste in drums within a reinforced concrete cell that is stored in a specifically prepared and engineered area within a permitted Hazardous Waste Landfill Site.

Demolition Services would include the removal of the following, but not limited to:

  • Walls
  • Floors
  • Foundations
  • General Site Clearing


This services is provides using specialist equipment ensuring efficient service levels whilst operating within safe procedures at all times.


Ranger Waste Management adheres strictly to all legislative regulations.


Reacting quickly to any Hazmat emergency can and will reduce any negative impact on the environment and your companies financial burden in such situations.


Ranger Waste Management specializes in Hazmat Services and this division is highly trained to react quickly and professionaly to any accident and or emergency which may arise.


All vehicles and equipment used by this division is state of the art to ensure safe containment of all hazardous material for save disposal.


• This service is available 24 hrs a day for your peace of mind.


Our Hazmat division also supplies specialist Hazmat products and equipment for immediate containment onsite or for emergency use on vehicles, minimising the impact until our Hazmat Response Vehicle and Team arrives on scene.



  • Medical Bio-hazardous Waste Containers
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Plastic Protective Equipment
  • Absorbent Kits and Booms
  • Industrial Spill Kits for Acid and Hydrocarbons
  • Fluorescent Tube Crushers
  • Signage for Waste Management
  • Degreaser and Cleaning Materials