Company Introduction


Ranger Waste Management was established in 2018, with management having a combined transport and waste management experience of over 20 years.


We continually strive to institute best practice of waste management policies in all our work.


Ranger Waste Management works strictly in accordance with the guidelines stipulated by the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry, and all waste management plans are in accordance with ISO14 000 regulations.


Ranger Waste Management is a Waste Management Company and not specifically a waste disposal service and therefor we have the benefit of providing a holistic Waste Management Plan to give our customers maximum value from their waste stream.


Our philosophy is protection of the environment and natural resources when implementing your Waste Management Plans:


Reduce – Reuse – Repair – Recover – Recycle – Re-commerce



We envision a world where the Environment is considered as our most important asset and resource to life.


  • We strive to protect our Environment in everything we do.
  • We approach Waste Management, holistically, as prescribed by international Policy.
  • We employ the latest techniques & technology in our operations ensuring a high standard of waste management.
  • We employ qualified people to manage our client’s responsibility to the Environment.